I Sign As Logan M. Jung

Born in San Antonio, Texas, 1991.
Grew up pretty normally i was always interested in everything in school somehow i found a way to make it intriguing.

Starting cooking for my dad at a hotel he used to run, working omelet station and running a buffet. Those were easy time.

Took a culinary course in high school and i was hooked for some reason i had a knack for it.

Entered in multiple competitions and placed, so i thought why not just study this further.

A hobby became an obsession and my passion.

Today im taking Culinary Arts as Minor and Business Management as a Major along side other electives like chemistry, physics, accounting, statistics, and other courses that spark my interest. Oddly i relate everything i learn in school to cooking, being a chef / leader , a food service business because it’s always on my mind.

An obsession i can’t escape, something i’ve just learned to accept.


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